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What is the gender of the person you want to invite?

2 or more people

What is the person/peoples' names?

Ex 1: Harold and Louise Ramsfeld
Ex 2: Katrina Ann Winsor
Ex 3: Joe Ringer and June Bug

For the female invitees, is she/they?:

Never married

If she is a married female she:

Uses her husband's last name
Uses her own last name
Hyphenates her last name and his last name

What is her own last name? (If applicable)

What is her husband's last name?

Is he/she or they a medical doctor(s)?

She is
He is

Is the individual or the people married?

Yes, but not to each other

The age?

Under 18 18 or older

The unmarried people are:

If a question is not asked, then it probably does not matter. Professional titles are not used when addressing for social events with the exception of M.D.s. If there is information that you feel is significant, please include it here:

Other important details?

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